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Alberta Soranzo
Director of End-to-End Service Design, Lloyds Banking

Alberta is Head of Experience Design and Innovation at Tobias & Tobias in London, where she is responsible for the integrity of experience design thinking and looking after the very small things that, she says, ´matter a lot´.
Unafraid of challenging conventions, Alberta puts people at the heart of her design process. She leads cross-disciplinary teams in the delivery of elegant evidence-based solutions that align key business drivers to user needs and positive outcomes.
Alberta has a long track record of leading strategic projects for global brands, including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, T.Rowe Price, First Capital Connect, RBS, EDF and BUPA.


Designing your design team

2016-11-17 Thursday 09:00-12:00

They say that design is a team sport, and if your team operates in agile/lean environment, strength and flexibility are more crucial than ever.
The skills required by an effective experience design team are many and it’s impossible for any given individual to be equally skilled in all of its many facets. So, how do you go about putting together a team that’s balanced, powerful and can work effectively with other teams? What is the right mixture of junior and senior practitioners? What skills, soft and hard, do you need to design and deliver outstanding experiences?
In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to assess the skills of our colleagues (and ours) to best shape and manage a design team that works together and stays together. A team where more experienced practitioners thrive and juniors are mentored toward proficiency, and where complementarity and teamwork become the foundations of success.
Finally we will look at how to use the knowledge we’ve gathered (and other techniques) to hire, motivate and keep design teams happy.
Participants will learn management skills such as: 
Assessment of skills
Team and group dynamics

Targeted Audience:

While on the surface the workshop is directed to team managers, it truly is for everybody who work in a team setting and are interested in group dynamics.


User-centered content organization

2016-11-17 Thursday 09:00-12:00

Structural content organization is a crucial element to consider for optimal cross channel information environments. In this fun, informal, beginning/midlevel practitioner-focused workshop, I will present and teach:
Case Study – designed to provide an implementable, understandable roadmap to creating a user-centered content structure;
Easy-to-use resources to get participants started creating taxonomies and sensible information environment;
The majority of the session will be devoted to hands-on time working with a practical framework. Small groups of participants will roll up their sleeves and try their hand at architecting a user-sensitive cross-channel taxonomy  for a fun, fictitious business;
Application – groups will practice applying their newly-minted taxonomy to cross channel strategies and will learn how to recognize and leverage different opportunities to strengthen the business proposition. 
Participants will learn management skills:
Information Architecture
Content organization
Evaluation of navigational systems

Targeted Audience:

Information Architects

Interface Designers

Search engineers

SEO practitioners



Design Director, bilibili
She has been working on experience innovation for more than 6 years and has got a lot of practical experience. She is good at acquiring insights from real users, and do fast analysis to catch the key points rapidly in order to help designers to transfer users’ language into design language.
She is also good at helping enterprises make their service strategy by the way of using service design tools, and then helping them to plan their service channel reasonably as well as helping business to design their service process. That is what she always does to help her clients improve the overall experience level from product to service.

2016-11-17 Thursday 09:00-12:00

A growing number of Internet companies began to use IP image in the product design and operation, even as a brand image to promote In the field of design, how to use IP image for product design and operation, except as a brand image as well as a new style? In this workshop, you can combine bilibili case to understand.
Participants will learn:
Learn IP image in each play with case scenarios and learn how to apply to the image of IP product design operations

Targeted Audience:
Visual Designer, Brand Designer, Operation Designer


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