Whitney Quesenbery

I would like to congratulate everyone in the UPA China and UPA Hong Kong chapters on the success of User Friendly 2004, held in Beijing on December 18-19, 2004. I was honored to be part of this event.

It is a mark of the strength that you were able organize such an ambitious event in such a short period of time. The arrangements went off flawlessly from beginning to end, creating a friendly atmosphere for learning and networking.

It is also a sign of the depth of interest in usability in China that this conference could bring together so many people. I was impressed with the enthusiasm, the knowledge and the skills evident in the audience, and met many people I will value as colleagues.

The presence of so many important companies was impressive. I hope that this demonstrates a continued commitment to usability as part of their product development process.

With such an exciting beginning, the future of UPA China can only be positive. I look forward to many more successful activities to promote usability in China.

Best regards,