User Friendly 2007 演讲信息 English    
  How could we deliver our hundreds of mobile services to the end user?

  演讲人   Jong Kwan Yoon
  演讲时间   2007年11月24日 下午 5:15pm - 6:00pm

1. Users’ understanding of mobile service of SK Telecom
      - Too many services are exposed to the users
      - Most of users are not aware of those services
      - End user should pay for the WAP menu browsing

2. The struggle for the perfect service delivery on limited mobile device circumstances
      - TINTERACTIVE: The new approach of the idle screen usage
      - Standard UI Requirements: The standardization on various interaction styles
      - The new approach of WAP portal
      - Embedded App.: Discover the new access channel of the mobile services

3. The consideration of unique mobile user experiences and the creation of new mobile culture