Tadashi Kobayashi

Tadashi Kobayashi is a Usability Specialist for Fujitsu Design Limited & Director of HCD-Net.

Since 1974, Tadashi Kobayashi has worked in Fujistu, one of Japan's largest computer manufacturing company. During 1980s he had been in charge of developing a computer graphics subroutine package software used in many fields such as satellite attitude control or online banking. Around 1990, inspired by Donald A. Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things," he started building his career as a usability specialist. In 2000, he engaged in institutionalization of usability practice in a subsidiary company of Fujitsu, and involved in the evaluation work of over 100 software products.

In 2004, he participated in the start-up activity of HCD-Net, the first NPO for usability in Japan, and an active board member since then. In 2007, HCD-Net added the International Department, and he is engaged in many international activities as Department Manager.

Since 2002, Tadashi has joined ISO/TC 159/SC 04/WG 05 "Software ergonomics and human-computer dialogues" as an expert member from Japan. He has been an active member to discuss and publish many ISO standards for usability and accessibility such as ISO 9241-110: Dialogue Principles, ISO 9241-151: Guidance on World Wide Web user interfaces, and ISO 9241-171: Guidance on Software Accessibility. Since 2003, he has been a Certified Professional Ergonomist of Japan Ergonomic Society. He has written book chapters on several usability-related books in Japanese. He has given many public lectures in multimedia or usability for Japanese people.

Tadashi is a translator of "UPA monthly" into Japanese and received UPA Usability Service Award 2008. Now he is working for Fujitsu Design Limited to improve usability of large-scale middleware software as an internal usability consultant.

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