Susan M. Dray

Since 1979, Dr. Susan M. Dray has worked in the field of human factors to increase the quality and intuitiveness of user interface designs for users around the world. She has worked as both an internal and external consultant, and combines expertise in interface evaluation, usability evaluation, and contextual and ethnographic research with a cross-cultural and organizational perspective.

As President of Dray & Associates, Inc., she consults internationally on interface design and usability. She has evaluated and helped redesign user interfaces for all types of websites, desktop and Web applications, as well as both hardware and software consumer products and technical equipment. She specializes in international user studies, and has conducted user research in 17 countries, including one of the largest international usability evaluations ever done - studying 120 users in 8 countries in Europe and Asia.

A pioneer in Human-Computer Interaction, she was Director of Human Factors at IDS [now American Express Financial Advisors], where, in 1988, she developed one of the first corporate usability labs outside the computer industry. Previously, at Honeywell, she was involved in evaluating usability of consumer product hardware and software, as well as military technologies.

Dr. Dray is a leader in the Human Factors profession nationally and internationally. She has given over 80 talks at conferences and symposia in the U.S., Europe, and Australia, including the invited Plenary Address to the 10th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association in Sydney, Australia, and the Keynote address at the 2nd South African Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, in Pretoria, South Africa in September, 2001. In addition, she has published numerous papers and book chapters. She was elected a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and has chaired both the Organizational Design and Management Technical Group and the Computer Systems Technical Group of this same organization, as well as the Computers and Communications Scientific and Technical Committee of the International Ergonomics Association. Dr. Dray was the North American editor of the prestigious international journal Behaviour and Information Technology, and she currently edits the Business column of the Association for Computing Machinery's magazine interactions.

Dr. Dray received her doctorate in Psychology from UCLA (1980) and is a Board Certified Human Factors Professional.

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